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Paw Basic


  • Bath and Brush
  • Nails Clipped and Filed
  • Paw Pads and Sanitary Shaved
  • Ears Cleaned
  • Teeth Brushed

Paw Super


  • Bath and Brush
  • Nails Clipped and Filed
  • Paw Pads and Sanitary Shaved
  • Face, Feet, and Tail Trimmed
  • Ears Cleaned
  • Teeth Brushed

Paw Purfect


  • Full Grooming Hair Cut
  • Bath and Brush
  • Nails Clipped and Filed
  • Ears Cleaned and Plucked
  • Paw Pads and Sanitary Shaved
  • Ears Cleaned
  • Teeth Brushed

Individual Services

*All individuals services are variable to change depending on the size of the dog.
Contact (314)-261-0404 for more information.
  • Bath and Brush
  • Nails Clipped and Filed
  • Full Grooming and Hair Cut
  • Face, Feet, and Tail Trimmed
  • Paw Pads and Sanitary Shaved
  • Ears Cleaned
  • Ears Plucked
  • Deep Conditioning
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Matting
  • Special Shampoo
  • Color Treatment
  • Flea and Tick Application
  • Hair Dying
  • Shave Down
$10 Nail Clipping for all dogs. No appointment needed.

Our Story


Owner and Dog Lover

Pawl is 33 years old and has been running Paw Purfect for ten years. His two favorite dog breeds are the Great Dane and the Chinese Crescent: the Great Dane for its large stature yet gentle heart and the Chinese Crescent which is sometimes misunderstood for its look despite being incredibly sweet.

Pawl has two dogs, Murphy who is a Bouvier and Coby, a smaller dog. Pawl’s favorite thing about Paw Purfect is knowing that his faith is real and knowing that the clientele he services really appreciate the quality of service he gives. Pawl loves that he can make a difference in the community, hiring youth in Ferguson and giving them their first jobs and training.



Professional Bather

Dontrell is 19 years old and has been working for Pawl at Paw Purfect for two years. He found out about Paw Purfect through a youth coach that helps kids look for jobs. He told his job coach he was interested in working with animals who connected him with Pawl Simon. Dontrell bathes and dyes dogs and he aspires to open his own salon one day. Dontrell’s favorite thing is coming to work and seeing so many different breeds of dogs. His favorite pet is the poodle. Dontrell has a Persian mix named princess and a half Chihuahua half German Shepard named Roscoe. Dontrell sees Pawl as a mentor who is always an open ear and goes out of his way for everybody and every pet. Outside of work, Dontrell attends Florescent Valley Community College and studies business.


Salon Manager

Jennifier has been working at Paw Purfect for three years as the sole receptionist and handles many clients daily. Her favorite thing about working at Paw Purfect is the pets. She chose this job because of her passion for animals. One of her all time favorite pets was a client’s Beagle who used to waddle when he walked because he was a little bit too fat. Wilbur is the reason Jennifier loves what she does. She has two cats and an American Stafford/Terrier mix named DJ.


Professional Groomer

Issac is 27 and has been working at Paw Purfect for eight years. Issac is a professional groomer so he tends to the trimming needs of his furry friends. His favorite part of working for Paw Purfect is the pets. Issac really wants the pets to enjoy the experience since he enjoys it as well. Issac’s favorite breed of dogs are the Great Dane and the Kiedis. Outisde of work, Issac enjoys basketball, golf, cars, and making art and music. Issac grooms pets because, “It grooms me; pets can’t groom themselves if they could they would.”


Some of your most asked questions, answered.

What is the difference between a filing and clipping?

Filing is when the nails are filed down with a grinder but clipping is using a nail trimmer to clip them.

Does a professional need to clip my dog's nails?

If a pet’s nails aren’t clipped properly, it causes anxiety and resistance with the pet when the groomer goes to clip their nails. We encourage owners to let us know when they’re going to clip their pet’s nails so we can show them the proper way to do so at home. We recommend doing it in a quiet environment and if an owner lets us know they are going to clip their pets nails we can show them the proper way to do it. If you do it at home, we recommend doing so in a calm environment. With smaller pets you can put the pet up on a dryer or washer.

Do I really need to brush my pet's teeth?

It is necessary to brush the teeth of dogs, especially smaller breeds and dogs on a diet who only eat soft food. If you cannot physically brush their teeth, a dental stick does help because the soft food gets stuck and creates decay. Tooth decay can cause an infection in a pet’s blood, heart, and kidneys so brushing their teeth is very important.

How does Paw Purfect treat fleas?

For puppies, we use soapy water or flea shampoo. Dawn does work but is not always recommended to kill fleas long term. We always recommend that if you have a flea problem, contact your local veterinarian.

How do you handle a pet that does not want to be groomed?

This really depends on the severity of the pet. We first have to determine if they have grooming anxiety or aggression during the consultation. If the pet is aggressive, we may use a muzzle or make arrangements to take a pet straight through the process so they are in the shop for the shortest amount of time possible. If the pet has anxiety, we can calm them down whether that be dimming lights or closing the doors. At the initial meet and greet, Pawl will get a sense of the animal’s personality and determine the best technique to groom them.

When should a puppy get its first groom?

Depending on the breed of dog, Paw Purfect recommends between 8 and 9 weeks because they should have had their second distemper vaccination so they can able to be around other pets and are ready to come in.

How often should I take my pet to be groomed?

We recommend that a pet be groomed every seven to nine weeks. A Pet shouldn’t go two months without seeing a groomer even if it is just for a bath, groom, brush out, nail clipping, or ears clipping.

Should I bring vaccination records?

If it is your first time, we do require you to bring your vaccination records. We do ask you are as honest as possible. For Instance, if we were to be bitten by your dog, we need to know they are current with their vaccinations.

My dog has a special skin condition, skin allergy, or is on medicine, can Paw Purfect accommodate them?

We can. If your pet has a skin allergy and has a specific type of shampoo from a veterinarian we ask you to bring that. Some of the shampoos that veterinarians subscribe we do have here but if it’s a skin irritation or open wounds, we will ask that the pet be seen at a veterinarian first to make sure they can be worked on.If it’s more like a common skin irritation, we can easily make accommodations.

How long does a grooming take?

This depends on the dog. It sometimes takes puppies or anxious dogs longer to calm down. We hope to say never ever more than three hours but it depends solely on the pet’s individual needs. If Pawl has a pet who doesn’t like to stand up, for example, he’ll let her sit down the whole time and work around it in the most comfortable way possible for the pet.

How do I book an appointment?

To book an appointment please call us at (314)-261-0404.


North County Tech

Pawl volunteers at North County Tech to help teach the students about pet care and any opportunities in the pet care industry.

Ferguson Youth Initative

FYI helps teach youth how to become entrepreneurs as they have begun selling homemade dog treats at the Ferguson market which Pawl plans on selling at Paw Purfect soon.

Belkin Animal Hospital

We partner with Belkin Animal Hospital to provide free and discounted vaccinations for pets in need at an annual event.


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"Simply amazing, Paul and the entire staff take exceptional care of my babies and love them appropriately. They love their spa days!!!"
- M Jay Williams

"Love Paw Purfect! Brought my St. Bernard here who I know isn't the easiest to get in and out of a tub and they did a great job!"

- Krista Fernandez

"Great company and service was great they take great care of pets and prices are affordable."
- Bryan Curtain

"Best groomer in St. Louis! I love this place and so does my dog (which is what really matters)!"
- Jamie Brogan


Hours: 8:30 am- 4:00 pm Tuesday-Saturday
Phone: (314)-261-0404